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From the first swaddle to life-saving treatment, Beaumont Children’s cares for those who matter to you most. Children and families across Southeast Michigan rely on our extensive network, advanced care and range of services.

We offer:

  • trusted and comprehensive care
  • more children’s specialists in more places
  • specialized pediatric emergency units
  • pediatric intensive care

About Beaumont Children's


Children and families across Southeast Michigan rely on Beaumont's extensive network, advanced care and range of services.

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Health News

After 158-day NICU stay, “Camryn’s Angels” walks to support future preemies and families

“Life in the NICU is a scary roller coaster for a lot of families. These tiny babies need so much just to survive."

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Health News

ADD/ADHD youth at increased risk for vaping; early education/prevention can help

As teen vaping rates continue to soar, adolescents with ADD/ADHD are increased risk of entering the fray due to reduced impulse control and the need to self-medicate.

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Sophia and bow

Health News

Life without seizures: 5-year-old girl benefits from life-changing surgeries

For most of Sophia’s life, seizures disrupted her cognitive development and activities. At the peak of her seizure activity, she was experiencing 20 - 30 seizures a day.

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Children's Miracle Network

Children’s Miracle Networks Hospitals at Beaumont Children's help kids of every age and background to overcome disease, injury and illness.

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Pediatric Emergency Units

In Royal Oak and Troy, we offer specialized pediatric emergency care 24-7, with professionals specially trained in pediatric emergency medicine.

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Center for Exceptional Families

This center cares for children with chronic disorders like Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and head and spinal cord trauma.

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