World-Leading Heart Innovation Close to Home

When people look at the state’s heart and vascular programs, they prefer Beaumont Health. Our specialists, hospitals and advanced care are now available in more Southeast Michigan locations than ever before. We are recognized as a leader:   

  • U.S. News and World Report regularly places Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, among the nation’s top heart programs; that excellence extends across our network, ensuring you receive advanced care
  • Through our leading research institute, we seek better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat heart disease
  • Minimally invasive approaches to avoid open surgery, while shortening hospital stays, speeding recovery and improving health
  • Newer treatments that provide possibilities and hope for more severe disease
  • Atrial Fibrillation Clinics offer the most advanced, innovative treatment approaches through a specially trained team
  • All the care you need from the simple to the complex; services range from classes and screenings to detailed evaluations and sophisticated treatments
  • Cardiac rehabilitation tailored to your needs and overseen by a doctor
  • Top emergency care with rapid treatment for heart attacks and strokes
  • Specialized centers, with advanced technologies, such as the Ernst Cardiovascular Center, the Ministrelli Women's Heart Center and the Center for Heart and Vascular Services


7 tests for $70

Our unique programs include 7 for $70 — $70 for 7 tests to determine your risk for heart disease and stroke. We also screen student-athletes.

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Cardiovascular Performance Clinic

The Cardiovascular Performance Clinic offers counseling and physiologic screening to amateur and professional athletes, recreational endurance exercisers and highly active individuals.

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Student Heart Check

To help detect young people (ages 13 - 18) who are at risk for sudden cardiac arrest, we offer free student heart checks.

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Dr. Franklin with Mercedes

Health News

Local athlete’s fitness tracker alerts her of potential heart problem

Long-distance runner Mercedes Zepp is adamant about training heart smart and with her eyes wide open.

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Health News

Second chance at life inspires cardiac arrest survivor’s career change, work/life balance

Angela didn’t realize the severity of her symptoms and ignored many of them, which led to her heart condition.

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Julie Work

Health News

Local woman thrives in exercise boot camp, refuses to let pacemaker hold her back

You’d never know Julie has a pacemaker. She’s a healthy, young and athletic woman.

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