COVID-19 – How You Can Make a Difference

Beaumont Health remains at the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak. Since this crisis began, our health care workers have been working around the clock to diagnose and treat thousands of patients.

You can join their efforts by making a philanthropic gift. By supporting our health care heroes as they treat our friends and families, helping us acquire much-needed supplies and equipment, or by funding research efforts that can inspire new treatments, your gift will have a meaningful impact on our patients, care providers and community.


COVID-19 Response Fund

Donations to the COVID-19 Response Fund will be used to meet our most urgent COVID-19-related needs, whether it’s securing ventilators or purchasing the personal protective equipment that keeps our clinicians safe.


COVID-19 Research Fund

Beaumont Research Institute is involved in several leading-edge studies to diagnose and treat COVID-19 in an effort to ease the impact of the disease. The studies include the nation’s largest COVID-19 serological testing project to better understand immunity and support a new treatment. 


COVID-19 Employee Support Fund

The dedication of our physicians, nurses and medical staff does not come without cost, and your gift to support our frontline caregivers will help support childcare, housing and transportation for our essential workers and will provide meals for our healthcare team.


In-Kind Donations of PPE

Our health care team is committed to fighting the spread of COVID-19, but they cannot do so safely without personal protection equipment (PPE). In-kind donations of N-95, surgical and homemade face masks, hand-sanitizer and wipes will protect our frontline staff as they diagnose and treat patients.


What your generosity makes possible  
$50,000Makes possible the purchase of a ventilator, the most needed piece of equipment to assist COVID-19 patients. This life-saving device gives patients the ability to breathe and supports lung function until patients are strong enough to breathe again on their own.
$25,000Supports COVID-19 research into promising new treatments that could impact patient care at Beaumont and around the world as well as answer questions related to diagnosis and containment of the virus.
$10,000Gives caregivers more than 30 iPads to expand telemedicine, which reduces the risk of infection, increases safety and decreases the amount of very scarce personal protective equipment needed each day. iPads also help lessen feelings of isolation for hospitalized patients, allowing them to communicate virtually with loved ones who cannot visit.
$5,000Gives caregivers more than 900 N-95 respirator masks to protect themselves during treatment of COVID-19 patients. Beaumont hospitals are currently going through 4,000 of these masks each day.
$1,000Gives caregivers 200 goggles to protect their eyes from exposure. The coronavirus is most easily transmitted through droplets entering a person’s nose, eyes or mouth.
$500Gives caregivers 65 disposable and reusable gowns, used to protect health care workers’ arms and exposed body parts to prevent contamination of clothing and keep the virus from being transmitted between rooms and in open areas.
$100Gives caregivers and other front-line staff hand sanitizer for the day, helping reduce spread of the virus.


You can donate N-95, surgical and homemade face masks, hand-sanitizer and wipes, by appointment.

Please call 947-522-0100 or to schedule a time.

Beaumont Health Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization; all contributions are tax-deductible as available by law. Tax ID 36-4852171

Honoring Our #HealthCareHeroes

We also invite people to honor those on the front lines of this battle – nurses, physicians and other caregivers – by participating in Beaumont’s #HealthCareHeroes campaign. Visit for more information about how to show your appreciation for these true heroes.


Should you wish to learn more about COVID-19 and Beaumont’s response to this health crisis, please visit our Coronavirus / COVID-19 information page or call our hotline at 800-592-4784.

Coronavirus hotline

At the Beaumont Health Foundation, we work hard to advance compassionate, extraordinary care every day. Side by side with our donors and supporters we are highly committed to bringing the most advanced, high quality healthcare to the communities we serve. This is why philanthropy is so important to us.

Share, Serve, Solve, Make an Impact

There are many ways to help build Beaumont’s future. All gifts and raised funds stay local and go directly to the hospital, program, or initiative you choose. The incredible impact of our donors’ generosity is evident throughout our health system, in orthopedic surgery advancements, innovative teen mental health initiatives, leading-edge Alzheimer’s research, and so much more. Read more about the foundation’s impact in our Healthy Giving, and Healthy Giving Extra publications.

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Be a Part of Miracles

Beaumont is part of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. This non-profit network makes sure every child receives what they need to thrive and be well by helping hospitals maintain state-of-the-art resources and bridge financial gaps for families. We work in close partnership with the Children’s Miracle Network to support our smallest and bravest patients.