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Our Parenting Program and support groups have been suspended at this time.  

However, we remain committed to helping all of our Beaumont Health Postpartum mothers adjust to their new role. We are working to ensure that we continue services that are so greatly needed, but in a different manner. Please refer to the Beaumont Health Maternity web page for future resources as they are developed.

If you have an immediate need, please reach out to your obstetrician.

An Understanding Partnership for You and Your Baby

Beaumont Children’s award-winning Parenting Program provides support and education to new parents through experienced parent volunteers. Beaumont's award winning new parent support program is a free, one-stop resource that provides extensive support and education to first-time parents through experienced, trained parent volunteers.

Specialized support is also available for:

  • single mothers
  • mothers experiencing postpartum depression
  • families of neonatal intensive care infants
  • families of multiples

Earlier discharges and limited family support can add to the stresses of becoming a parent. The Parenting Program offers phone calls, individual contact and parent groups to assist first-time parents in caring for their newborn. The Parenting Program has helped more than 100,000 parents since it began in 1980.

Our volunteers are parents themselves and understand what it’s like to suddenly be caring for a brand-new person. You may participate in all aspects of the new parent support program or only those you feel will be helpful. The Parenting Program provides information and emotional support in individual and group settings. Experienced, trained parent volunteers can answer questions, validate concerns, listen, and refer families as needed.

The Parenting Program offers:

  • individual family support - you and your family can receive support from trained parent volunteers who interact with you by phone, email or face-to-face meetings. Parent volunteers listen to concerns, answer questions and help you build a strong support network.
  • breastfeeding follow-up - a volunteer who has breastfed and completed training will contact you to answer questions and provide support for a positive breastfeeding experience.
  • parent groups - groups begin meeting when babies are 3 to 5 months old. The groups bring new parents and their babies together with a trained parent group leader. Popular issues discussed in the group include
    • adjustment to parenthood
    • childproofing your home
    • common childhood illnesses
    • development and temperament
    • feeding your baby
    • play, learning and reading
  • postpartum adjustment support - creates a safe and supportive environment for families struggling with postpartum adjustment. Specialists are available to support mothers experiencing a difficult transition to parenthood or postpartum mood disorders.
  • parenting classes

NICU Parenting Program

Having a baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) can be stressful. The NICU Parenting Program can introduce you to parents who know how it feels because their babies were in the NICU. They can provide emotional support, suggestions and non-medical information to help you through the experience. The NICU Parenting Program also offers:

  • Sharing Through Education and Parent Support (STEPS) - This group provides education on various topics related to your infant.
  • support at home - a trained NICU parent volunteer will be available to visit you or consult with you over the phone or by email for several months after your baby joins you at home.

Beaumont Parenting Program Blog

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