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Beaumont Children's offers group therapy programs for children with autism spectrum disorders. These programs are:

Pediatric Autism Learning System for Pragmatic and Language Stimulation (PALS for PALS)

An early intervention group therapy and individual treatment program for preschoolers that is critical to making significant changes in communication for children with regulatory disorders involving attention, language learning and behavior problems.

RE/MAX Communication Station Preschool Program

Funded by RE/MAX, and a proud sponsor of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, this group therapy program is designed to meet the needs of children who are primarily language impaired between the ages of three and six years. The classroom is team-taught by a speech-language pathologist and a certified early intervention special education teacher.

Pragmatic Enrichment Group Program (PEP)

A group therapy program specifically designed to teach and encourage social interactive skills while providing exciting language-enhancing activities for children with a PDD or ASD diagnosis between the ages of five to fourteen years.


A 6-week group therapy program held once per week for children, ages 5 - 7 with a focus on sensory processing combined with fine motor and social skills.

Ready for Summer/Fall/Winter Fun

A multi-disciplinary group held 6 weeks in the summer, fall and winter. The focus of the group is language, gross motor and fine motor development for children ages 3-5 (older groups can be formed as needed).  An OT, PT or SLP runs each group.  There are three sections to choose from - sensory integration, physical or social.

Buddy Group

This 6-week group therapy program is facilitated by a social worker once per week. The group is designed for children ages 7 - 11 that work together to develop social and peer interactions.

Sibling Group

This 6-week group therapy program is facilitated by a social worker once per week. The group is designed for special needs children and their siblings and focuses on developing stronger bonds and mutual respect through conversation and arts and crafts.

Martial Arts

This program is held for 10 and 6 weeks. It is designed to provide the special needs child ages 4 - 12 with an opportunity to learn basic martial arts techniques. A PT and a certified therapeutic martial arts instructor run the group. We have a beginning and advanced course. Each child is assigned a trained volunteer.


A 6-week program to provide special needs children with an opportunity to learn basic dance techniques and movements under the guidance of a therapist with dance experience.  The final session of this group therapy program is a performance for the families of the participants. Each child is assigned a trained volunteer.

Lil Munchers and Big Crunchers

Feeding groups designed to assist the picky eaters to eat with their peers. These programs are held once per week for 6 weeks.


We offer 10-week handwriting programs each geared toward a different level of writing from pre-writing to cursive.  The Handwriting Without Tears program is utilized to help children master age appropriate handwriting skills.


This is a 10 or 6-week program, which promotes a child's sense of security in and around a pool, stroke development, social skills and motor skills. A child will be assessed for appropriateness for the group prior to starting. The child must be able to safely participate in a pool group setting in order to participate. Each child is assigned a trained volunteer.