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The Beaumont Children's Center for Children's Rehabilitation offers many diverse groups to our patients and their families year round. Unlike other community groups, our groups offer a medically based program, facilitated by experienced therapists (occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, social workers) and trained volunteers. The number of therapists and volunteers in each group vary based on the specific group and the number of participants.

Our groups afford children an opportunity to participate in traditional activities that are modified to meet their special needs or activities that promote their therapy goals while having fun. Prior to acceptance into the group, your child may need to be evaluated by a therapist so we can place your child in the optimal group.

The groups are private-pay, but subsidized by a donation from the University of Michigan Dance Marathon, making them more affordable than most competitors. Prices vary based on length of program and number of professionals running the group. Unless otherwise indicated, our groups are 10 weeks in the fall and winter; and 6 weeks in the summer.

Ongoing Programs Offered Year Round


Sensory Motor Integration Learning Experience. A 6-week program held once per week for children, ages 5 to 7 with a focus on sensory processing combined with fine motor and social skills. An OT runs the group.

Therapeutic Massage

A 6-week program held once per week during which parents learn therapeutic massage techniques from a certified infant massage instructor.

Handwriting Groups

A 10-week program held once per week during which an occupational therapist assists children to develop handwriting skills through fun activities; utilizing the Handwriting Without Tears concepts. There are three different levels available, including pre-writing, print and cursive.

Little Munchers and Big Crunchers

Feeding groups designed to assist the picky eaters to eat with their peers. These programs are held once per week for 6 weeks with an OT.

Sequential Sensory/Motor Approach to Feeding (SOS)

This is a 10-week program facilitated by an speech-language pathologist and occupational therapist to promote oral motor strength and coordination leading to successful transit of food through the oral cavity. Ages will vary based on interest and skills.

Summer Siblings

This 6-week program is facilitated by a Social Worker once per week. The group is designed for special needs children and their siblings, and focuses on developing stronger bonds and mutual respect through conversation and arts and crafts.

Functional Visual Skills Program

This is a 12-week course designed for two children per group with similar vision needs. The group is held once per week with an occupational therapist. The group is designed to improve visual motor skills and visual perceptual skills. Three levels are offered: beginning, intermediate and advanced.


This group is a therapy group for children ages 3 - 6 years old with Down Syndrome. Handprint is designed to develop and master skills for independent living. The group will focus on building strength and coordination for opening and closing items, picking up and releasing toys of various sizes, manipulating knobs and buttons and experimenting with crayons and utensils. This group will be led by an occupational therapist. The cost of the group is $143 for 8 weeks. It will take place at the Beaumont Health Center. Please call 248-655-5660 for schedule information.

Beaumont Tots

This group is a physical and occupational therapy group for children of all abilities and their siblings. This group is designed to facilitate development through gross motor and fine motor play, at your child's own individual pace. Join us as we build strength and coordination, explore our senses, interact with our peers and have fun. Parent/caregiver involvement is required and up to one sibling is encouraged. This group is led by a physical therapist and occupational therapist. The cost of this group is $129 for 10 weeks. It will take place at the Beaumont Health Center. Please call 248-655-5660 for schedule information.