Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

NOTICE: Some of our computers and systems remain affected by the global technology issue. We have many solutions in place that allow us to continue to care for our patients. We appreciate the continued understanding from our patients who are experiencing delays and are thankful to the dedicated team members who have been working on this issue.

Center for Exceptional Families

Our Mission

Through the Center for Exceptional Families medical home model of comprehensive and innovative rehabilitation care, children with special needs and their families will be supported throughout their unique life journey.

They will evolve and grow in strength to advocate for health, education, independence and community inclusion. They will learn to negotiate the joys and realities of living with differing abilities and they will emerge as young adults and families about to pursue their own dreams.

Exceptional children 

The Beaumont Children’s Center for Exceptional Families (CEF) is an “all-comers” medical and rehabilitative facility that treats all developmental disabilities, disorders and diagnoses. Children at CEF range from mildly developmentally delayed, to multiply impaired children with fragile health conditions.

Many children at the center have cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, autism, intellectual disabilities or genetic syndromes. Others are dealing with conditions related to other illnesses, accidents or traumatic births.

Exceptional rehabilitation

Pediatric specialists in physical, occupational, speech and swallowing therapies help exceptional children work to gain independence and skills that allow them to participate in the world around them.

CEF's therapists have expertise in:

  • casting and splinting
  • wheelchair and equipment evaluations
  • gait training
  • pelvic floor therapy
  • assistive technology
  • sensory processing
  • feeding and swallowing
  • vision therapy

Further, CEF’s applied behavior analysis (ABA) program is an evidence-based therapy approach with a focus on changing behavior; ABA interventions can increase desired skills and reduce unwanted behaviors.

Exceptional support

CEF offer support groups for mothers, fathers and other caregivers. This includes groups for parents of children with autism as well as educational groups on special education, community resources, financial topics and parenting. CEF also offers We offer “Sibshops”, a recreational based support and wellness program for siblings.

Fitness, nutrition and recreational events are available for families to attend together. Additionally, the center hosts summer camps, play and social skills groups, and have created affordable private-pay options for families without insurance benefits.

Enjoy a virtual tour of CEF
Enjoy a virtual tour of CEF

Exceptional future

In living its mission and operating a welcoming learning environment for families and professionals, CEF serves as a model for future medical professionals, educators and families.

The inclusive opportunities offered help children and families gain confidence to demand inclusion in their communities. We provide leadership and mentoring to help teens and young adults with disabilities pursue their dreams.

Exceptional medicine

As stated by Dr. Susan Youngs, medical director of CEF, “ We pride ourselves on coordinating care for children with special needs – guiding families through the overwhelming number of specialists, programs, agencies and school issues that they face. In addition, we offer multidisciplinary medical clinics for children requiring spasticity management, autism diagnostics and follow-up, and management of chronic health conditions."