Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Beaumont Children's offers imaging services to support the diagnosis of numerous childhood diseases. Services include X-rays, CT (computed tomography or CAT scan), ultrasound, MRI, nuclear medicine and procedures such as fluoroscopy, biopsy and drainage of fluid or abscess collections.

Specially trained professionals

Our board-certified, fellowship-trained pediatric radiologists have additional training and experience in the interpretation of pediatric studies. Supporting the radiologists are technologists specially trained to help children and their families feel relaxed and comfortable while accommodating any special needs.

Child-friendly technology

  • Cutting-edge CT - All Beaumont CT scanners are programmed to minimize radiation dose while obtaining high quality diagnostic images. Our Flash CT offers the additional advantage of being up to 40 times faster than a conventional CT, decreasing the likelihood that sedation will be required for many patients.
  • Kitten Scanner - Located at our Royal Oak campus, this child-sized model scanner reduces fear by helping children learn about the MRI scanning process by "trying it out."
  • Cinemavision - These MRI-compatible goggles and noise-cancelling headphones provide entertainment from a patient's own DVDs, CDs or iPod or from television, reducing the need for sedation during MRI.
  • Open Bore and Wide Open MRI - Our open bore MRI (larger opening) and wide open MRI (open at both ends) help reduce a child's anxiety. When it is medically appropriate to use these MRI machines, the open MRI allows parents to hold a child's hand during the scan. Available with wide open MRI scans, ambient experience functionality allows children to have some control over the experience by choosing different lighting and sound elements.

Preparing for your child's MRI

Getting an MRI doesn’t have to be scary. Here's what your child can expect when they come to Beaumont for an MRI:

Selecting an imaging center

Should your child experience an injury and require imaging, Beaumont has convenient locations in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties, where patients have access to pediatric radiology services.

Low-dose protocols

From utilizing the latest equipment for quicker studies to performing patient exams at the lowest radiation exposure possible, your child's safety is our priority. Beaumont Children's participates in the "Image Gently" campaign of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. We also limit the region of the body being imaged with X-rays to the smallest possible area and tailor examinations to the size of the patient, from the smallest newborn to the largest teenager. The Pediatric Imaging section participates in all Beaumont radiation safety initiatives.