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Doctor discusses surgical theater with child patient and parent

Surgical Theater at Beaumont

Beaumont epileptologists and neurosurgeons can now use Surgical Theater’s XR visualization platform to analyze and plan a specific patient’s case before surgery.

What is Surgical Theater?

With Surgical Theater’s eXperiential Reality platform, images of the patient's anatomy are rendered utilizing advanced computer programs that combine 2D images from MRI and CT scans. During patient consultations, patients and their families "fly" through the brain via a VR headset, getting a close-up look at the brain tissue and vessels. Before surgery, the surgeon can plan the surgical approach and practice the surgical procedure before ever stepping into the OR and making the first cut.

Doctor discusses surgical theater with child patient and parent


What are the benefits?

  • For patients, the benefits of Surgical Theater’s XR platform include allowing the physician to navigate the models to give them and their families a deeper understanding of the surgical plan so they can make informed medical decisions and become comfortable with it. The personalized and interactive experience enables greater engagement between physicians and patients throughout the surgical planning and education process.
  • Surgical Theater’s advanced XR technology maximizes surgical resection of brain lesions and helps the surgeon attain pinpoint accuracy during surgery to minimize complications.

Patients with questions about Surgical Theater's XR platform should talk to their surgeon.