Advanced technology for pediatric patients

Beaumont Children's offers advanced technology for treating pediatric neurology patients. Pediatric neurologists, neurosurgeons and interventional neuroradiologists are available to diagnose and treat a variety of neurological conditions in infants and children, including:

  • epilepsy, seizures
  • epilepsy surgery
  • headaches/migraines
  • sleep disorders
  • insomnia
  • neurogenetic disorders
  • neonatal neurology and NICU
    neurology follow-up
  • brain tumors
  • nerve and muscle disease
  • movement disorders

As the only hospital in southeast Michigan providing interventional treatment of brain aneurysms and anterior venous malformations and vascular tumors in infants and children, Beaumont Children's offers pediatric neurological treatments that reduce or eliminate the need for traditional surgery methods. 

Our state-of-the-art pediatric intensive care unit offers dedicated pediatric specialists in every discipline of medicine and surgery who assist with your child's care around the clock. 

And since Beaumont, Royal Oak, is a Level I trauma center, experts are skilled and equipped to handle the most severe head and spine trauma issues. 

For pediatric head and spine tumors, we offer a multidisciplinary approach that includes experts from pediatric neurology, neurosurgery, hematology/oncology and radiation oncology. Specialists from each of these areas meet on an ongoing basis to review cases and develop appropriate treatment plans for each patient. 

If radiation oncology is part of the treatment plan, Beaumont offers gamma knife radiosurgery. Through this advanced technology, we are able to precisely target the tumor, so surrounding tissue is not damaged. 

Treatments offered include:

  • dietary changes for seizure patients who do not respond to medication
  • medicine involved with nervous system that is non-surgical
  • neuropsychological testing
  • vagus nerve stimulation - manages devices that are implanted to reduce seizure frequency

Consult your child's pediatrician if you feel your child may need the services of a pediatric neurologist. 

Pediatric Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at Beaumont Children's offers a range of pediatric epilepsy treatment and monitoring services for infants, children and teens with seizures or epilepsy. The clinic offers comprehensive seizure evaluations and schedules tests, including MRIs, PET scans and EEGs, for those with mild to complex forms of epilepsy.


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