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Mary Ellen Welling

Beaumont nurse brings in voices, sounds from home to help patient through COVID-19

During the first COVID-19 surge, health care workers across Beaumont found themselves in new roles. One of those people was nurse Mary Ellen Welling. After COVID-19 postponed sleep evaluation appointments, Mary Ellen was assigned to Beaumont, Troy.

Mary's Story
Ali Bazzi

Team-focused approach improves education, communication between pharmacy and nurses

Ali Bazzi, Clinical Pharmacist at Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn, takes pride in building relationships between the pharmacy and nursing teams within the hospital. Those vital relationships, Ali admits, would not be possible without the support and involvement of the entire pharmacy team.

Ali's Story
Brian Cullen

“It’s what I was born to do”: Beaumont nurse shares passion for care with patients and families

Brian Cullen’s passion for nursing started well before his career in the medical field. His grandmother was dying of cancer and as he took care of her she told him he needed to be a nurse. More than 30 years later, he’s treated every patient as if they were his grandmother or part of his family.

Brian's Story

Jennifer Fogarty

Beaumont Transplant Nurse Committed to ‘Second Chances’ for Patients and Families

Beaumont nurse Jennifer Fogarty has spent the better part of her career working with transplant patients and raising awareness about the importance of organ and tissue donation.

Jennifer's Story

Dawn Fiema

Beaumont Care Manager Organizes Volunteer Group to Aid Elderly Patients

When COVID-19 hit Michigan hard this spring, Beaumont care manager Dawn Fiema was worried about more than just the physical health of her patients.

Dawn's Story

Emily La Framboise

Family-focused workshops go virtual thanks to Beaumont social worker’s dedication

Prior to COVID-19, medical social worker Emily La Framboise and her team held monthly in-person workshops for siblings of patients with a disability. The pandemic made the popular groups, called Sibshops, an uncertainty.

Emily's Story

Marcelli Contreras

Coordinating Patient Care Through Trust and Personal Attention

As a care coordinator for Beaumont’s Accountable Care Organization, Marcelli Contreras is dedicated to helping geriatric patients experiencing advanced illnesses. But to her patients, the work that Marcelli does makes her “an angel.”

Marcelli's Story

Chantia Bobo Harden

Beaumont PA brings positive vibes to coworkers and patients daily

Chantia Bobo Harden, a physician assistant at Beaumont Hospital, Troy, walks into the hospital every day with the upbeat and friendly attitude her coworkers and patients have come to expect.

Chantia's Story

Mustafa Deebajah

Beaumont Pathology Resident Uses Social Media to Combat Medical Misinformation

During the surge of COVID-19 cases in Michigan, Beaumont pathology resident Dr. Mustafa Deebajah saw one thing spreading faster than the virus - online misinformation.

Mustafa's Story

Lisa Muma

Going Gold for Pediatric Cancer a Passion and Calling

From personally tying gold ribbons on trees around campus to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer to partnering with a team to energize hundreds of people at Beaumont’s annual Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams event, it seems wherever Lisa Muma goes, joy and comfort follow.

Lisa's Story

Chris Wilson

Beaumont PT helps patients rebuild despite COVID-19 fears

As a physical therapist, Dr. Chris Wilson motivates his patients to move past their illness or injury and focus on rebuilding with the opportunities available. “I tell my patients we can’t change the past,” Chris said. “But what we can do is rebuild using the opportunities you have in front of you.”

Chris' Story

Tim Nicaise

Beaumont NP Keeps Patients & Families Communicating

As a palliative care nurse, Tim Nicaise knows how important it is to communicate with a patient’s loved ones when they are facing a life-threatening illness. When COVID-19 hit and visitor restrictions went into place, that communication became even more vital.

Tim's Story

Cathleen Solecki

Beaumont Nurse Adds Empathy and Compassion to Dementia Research

During her 43 years as a nurse, Cathleen Solecki has cared for patients in many ways. From bedside nursing to working in the ICU to her current role as stroke coordinator, she’s always looking for ways to better communicate with patients and their families.

Cathleen's Story