Dr. Jeffrey Guina

Innovative training and treatment to address growing mental health needs

As the nation continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and health care workers across the state are focused on treating the physical health of patients who have contracted the virus.


Dr. Jeffrey Guina is worried about how the virus if affecting the community’s mental health as well.


“Even before COVID-19, our community was facing rising suicides and the opioid epidemic,” he said. “With the fear, financial stressors, job losses, and reduced access to services and social activities that stemmed from the shutdowns, we are seeing tragic spikes in suicides, overdoses, child abuse and domestic violence.” 


As the director of Beaumont’s new psychiatry residency program and chief medical officer of Easterseals Michigan, Dr. Guina is focused on increasing access to critical mental health services for the community. A shortage of both psychiatrists and facilities, especially for children with developmental disabilities, makes it difficult for families in Southeast Michigan to get the services they need.


“With special training - including at Easterseals Michigan, Beaumont’s Center for Human Development, and Beaumont’s Center for Exceptional Families - graduates of the residency will be prepared to help individuals with knowledge and capabilities beyond that of the average psychiatrist,” Dr. Guina explained.


In addition to the residency training program, Beaumont is opening a dedicated 150-bed mental health hospital in 2021. Dr. Guina said that by leveraging the strengths of Beaumont, the largest health care provider in Michigan, and Easterseals, as the largest community mental health provider in Michigan, we can positively impact resources and services available to struggling patients and families.


“From the moment I started, I have felt empowered and supported by Beaumont to make bold decisions to provide innovative training opportunities for psychiatry residents and innovative treatment services for patients,” Dr. Guina said. “Now, more than ever, the community needs compassionate, quality care.”