Brian Cullen

It’s what I was born to do”: Beaumont nurse shares passion for care with patients and families

Brian Cullen’s passion for nursing started well before his career in the medical field. His grandmother was dying of cancer and as he took care of her she told him he needed to be a nurse. More than 30 years later, he’s treated every patient as if they were his grandmother or part of his family.

“Nursing is what I love, and I feel like I was born to do it,” Brian said. “It’s what God put me on this Earth to do.”

As a critical care nurse, Brian’s compassion for his patients and their families was more important than ever during the COVID-19 surge. Visitor restrictions left his patients, many of which were very sick or dying, without the support of their loved ones during their final moments.

“Excellent care is what we as nurses should always strive for no matter what the conditions,” Brian explained. “When people couldn’t be with their loved ones, the bedside nurses had to step up and be a voice for the patient while providing comfort and compassion.”