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Chris Wilson

Beaumont PT helps patients rebuild despite COVID-19 fears

As a physical therapist at Beaumont, Dr. Chris Wilson motivates his patients to move past their illness or injury and focus on rebuilding strength with the opportunities available. “I tell my patients we can’t change the past,” Chris said. “But what we can do is rebuild using the opportunities you have in front of you.”

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chris knew he’d have to quickly adapt to how he and his team delivered safe, consistent care. “COVID wasn’t going to stop people from getting cancer,” Chris said. “Our patients were still getting diagnosed, still needed treatment and still needed rehabilitation to keep their bodies safe and strong.”

Chris and his team took their therapy virtual through telemedicine visits, exercise videos and resources patients could access at home. Chris even narrated a video that patients can view while they are in the hospital so they can build strength before going home. It’s available for all patients across Beaumont’s eight hospitals.

“Health care is an essential service and the way Beaumont came together to make changes for the safety of patients and caregivers was just an amazing experience to see. It really did make me feel proud.”