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Cathleen Solecki

Beaumont Nurse Adds Empathy and Compassion to Dementia Research

During her 43 years as a nurse, Cathleen Solecki has cared for patients in many ways. From bedside nursing to working in the ICU to her current role as stroke coordinator, she’s always looking for ways to better communicate with patients and their families.

When she saw an opportunity to help staff better understand what life is like for their patients with dementia, she launched a research project using a virtual dementia simulation.

“We put more than 600 of our staff through a virtual dementia simulation that altered their senses, so they could essentially walk in the shoes of a patient with dementia” Cathleen explained. “It was very emotional for some people, but they felt it really opened their eyes to the need for better communication with patients and their families.”

Cathleen is proud to work with all the dedicated Beaumont team members who work together to ensure safe and high-quality patient care. “Our patients are often uncertain and anxious and, as nurses, we must go above and beyond just caring for their physical health and make sure we communicate effectively and sensitively with patients and their families,” she said.