Ali Bazzi

Team-focused approach improves education, communication between pharmacy and nurses

Ali Bazzi, Clinical Pharmacist at Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn, takes pride in building relationships between the pharmacy and nursing teams within the hospital. Those vital relationships, Ali admits, would not be possible without the support and involvement of the entire pharmacy team.

“Everyone’s involvement in the past few years has been key in order to better support our patients, our families and our fellow team members,” said Ali. “Being recognized for improving care at Beaumont is truly the product of a successful and collaborative team effort and an excellent morale-booster that will enable us to continue doing our best work.”

Ali has spent the last few years working with Beaumont’s nursing leadership team to include important pharmacy details at new nurse orientation with the goal of having nurses become more educated about safe medication delivery and administration.

“We really want to optimize our nursing care through medication administration as well as tips on how to use medication safely for patients,” explains Ali.

Throughout the last nine months and through the pandemic, Ali and his team – with the encouragement of the pharmacy leaders - continue to improve and expand education and communication.

“We’ve seen an increase in fatal drug overdoses ever since the beginning of the pandemic,” Ali explains. “So, to ensure the safety of at-risk patients, we worked with the doctors to get a standing order for the hospital for prescribing Narcan upon discharge to at-risk patients, thereby improving Narcan availability especially during COVID.”

Improved care with an eye on quality, communication and safety – just another day for Ali and the Beaumont pharmacy team.

Ali says, “All of my colleagues at Beaumont have been given the opportunity to work together as one with one goal of combating the pandemic and at the same time provide quality health care to patients and their families in these uncertain times.”