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Mustafa Deebajah

Beaumont Pathology Resident Uses Social Media to Combat Medical Misinformation

During the surge of COVID-19 cases in Michigan, Beaumont pathology resident Dr. Mustafa Deebajah saw one thing spreading faster than the virus - online misinformation.

“In pathology we uniquely have the opportunity to see microscopically into a disease and recognized a lot of misinformation and false narratives being spread online,” explained Dr. Deebajah. “That misinformation ultimately hurt the most at-risk patients and those in minority communities, where evolving information wasn’t always translated quickly or easily.”

Dr. Deebajah realized he could use his medical knowledge, bilingual Arabic skills and social media following to create posts that directly addressed false information and helped explain COVID-19.

Known simply as “The Pathologist” on Instagram and TikTok, Dr. Deebjah created more than 20 videos on COVID-19, which were shared in English and Arabic, that garnered thousands of views.

“I’ve seen my posts being circulated throughout Southeast Michigan and ultimately, as a result of my advocacy and activism, was able to see a significant shift around cultural perceptions about risk related to COVID-19 and high-risk behaviors,” said Dr. Deebajah.

Dr. Deebajah’s activism didn’t end with the COVID-19 surge. He’s constantly researching for new health trends to share with his followers and keep people engaged in topics related to breast and colon cancer, vaccinations and more.

“Beaumont is at the forefront of providing up-to-date medical information and I was happy to play a part in sharing and translating this knowledge to a wider audience.”