Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

NOTICE: Some of our computers and systems remain affected by the global technology issue. We have many solutions in place that allow us to continue to care for our patients. We appreciate the continued understanding from our patients who are experiencing delays and are thankful to the dedicated team members who have been working on this issue.

Corewell Health William Beaumont University Hospital Family Birth 3

Whether you come to the Danialle & Peter Karmanos, Jr. Birth Center at Corewell Health William Beaumont University Hospital, for a natural birth or a high risk delivery, you’ll find the most advanced obstetrical care – anywhere.

In addition to providing private suites equipped with latest technology and amenities, our care team works with you to create a customized birth plan, ensuring your birth experience is everything you want it to be.  Along with the most preferred obstetricians in Michigan, you’ll also have the most experienced team of neo-natal specialists. Some of the features available for extra comfort during labor include:

  • spacious labor and delivery suites
  • family-friendly amenities in every room including cozy furniture and sleeper sofas for the comfort of loved ones who will join you during the birth
  • bathrooms with massaging shower heads; some rooms for low-risk births including large, hydrotherapeutic tubs
  • holistic techniques to manage your comfort during labor including aromatherapy, massage, and position-changing tools such as birthing balls and wireless fetal monitoring
  • skin-to-skin contact with your newborn immediately after birth
  • delayed newborn bath to allow your baby to gradually adapt to his/her new surroundings
  • cord blood donation bank
  • postpartum rooming in where babies remain with their mothers and families during their stay 
  • 24/7 birthing partner accommodations
  • an infant-mother security system
  • room services with a well-rounded menu and personal delivery to your room
  • lactation support services and education for all breastfeeding mothers and their babies
  • meaningful information and guidance on care for you and your baby after discharge
  • at-home follow up call to see how you are adjusting and to answer any questions you may have

Karmanos Center for Natural Birth

Interested in a natural birth experience? Check out the new Karmanos Center for Natural Birth

The Most Advanced Obstetrical Care

Corewell's comprehensive obstetric offerings span the pregnancy and childbirth experience from preconception care to parenting classes, from low-risk to high-risk deliveries.

Offerings include:

  • advanced medical care from leading obstetricians, gynecologists, pediatricians and neonatologists
  • pediatric care and a state-certified neonatal intensive care unit for premature and critically ill newborns
  • prenatal services including a Reproductive Genetics Program, Comprehensive High Risk Pregnancy Program, ultrasound and advanced fetal imaging, and community classes
  • post-natal care, breastfeeding and lactation support service and an award-winning Parenting Program

When You’re in Labor

  • If mom is experiencing emergency symptoms or if she is less than 14 weeks pregnant, please go directly to your closest Emergency Center, unless directed otherwise by your physician.
  • For scheduled deliveries such as a cesarean section or induction of labor, or if you are in active labor, please park in the South Parking Deck and enter the hospital through the South Entrance. Proceed to the Karmanos Birth Center on the third floor. 
  • You will need to bring a picture ID and your insurance information with you. Please bring any cards or paperwork given to you by your doctor’s office.
  • Please leave all valuables at home. You will be asked to remove any body piercings and jewelry (including tongue rings) once you are admitted into labor and delivery.
  • If your water breaks at home call your doctor. Note the color, odor, amount (large, small or trickle), and time your water broke. You will be asked about this when you get to Labor and Delivery.
  • As a general rule, if this is your first baby, head to the hospital when your contractions are 3-5 minutes apart, lasting 35-45 seconds long and you’ve timed them for an hour.  If this is not your first baby, come to the hospital when contractions are 5-10 minutes apart. If this is a scheduled C-section or an induction, your doctor will let you know what time to be here. Remember to bring your photo ID and insurance card with you. Always follow your physician’s instructions.