Breastfeeding & Lactation Consultants

Breastfeeding your baby will provide a lifetime of benefits to both you and your baby. Sometimes, especially in the first few weeks, you may need some help getting started. Beaumont’s lactation consultants and counselors are available to answer questions, assist with feeding your baby while you are in the hospital, and address your concerns while you are breastfeeding at home.

Our lactation consultants and counselors are registered nurses, who are specially trained to help breastfeeding mothers with any concern or difficulty that may arise. Problems including, difficulty with latch, fussy or sleepy baby, nipple discomfort, engorgement, pumping and more can be addressed. 

Once you leave the hospital, you won’t be alone. Resources are available for you to schedule a post discharge consultation with a lactation consultant for additional help. Contact one of the breastfeeding helplines below for more information on returning for a consultation and scheduling an appointment. 

Depending on your needs, and the needs of your baby (or babies), the time with your lactation consultant may include:

  • a health and breastfeeding history for mother and baby
  • an exam of your baby’s oral cavity and ability to suck
  • observation of a normal feeding session
  • coaching or different positions and latching and unlatching techniques

Meetings with our lactation consultants may last one to two hours.  

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