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About Surgery at Beaumont
About Surgery at Beaumont
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Surgery at Beaumont

Latest Surgeries & Best Care When You Need It

Whether you come to Beaumont for inpatient surgery or a quick outpatient procedure, you receive extraordinary care. Our surgeons and anesthesiologists represent every major surgical specialty and are highly skilled in the latest techniques.

We offer:

  • recognized excellence by U.S. News and World Report
  • emergency surgery
  • latest in robotic-assisted surgery
  • minimally invasive procedures that offer faster recovery
  • better experience for the patient

Our specialized surgery centers throughout southeast Michigan offer you comfort and convenience, along with the latest technology and treatments.

Anesthesia Services

Anesthesia is a critical component of the surgical care you receive. Recently, Beaumont has partnered with NorthStar Anesthesia, a nationally recognized provider of safe, high-quality anesthesia services. This partnership is rooted in our tradition of safe, high-quality care.

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Health, Wellness & News

Health News

Emergency heart surgery saves Marine veteran at Beaumont, Royal Oak

Jim had a spontaneous aortic dissection - a split in between the walls of the largest blood vessel in his body.

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Health News

Home for the Holidays

When the couple found out they were pregnant earlier this year, they knew there was a 25% chance the baby would be SMA positive. Without medical intervention, children born with the most serious types of SMA often die within their first year of life.

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Health News

Singing strong: Recipient of ‘Tidal Unplugged’ battles cancer during her big career break

After being named one of five Detroit singers to share in a $1 million music endowment program, Raye Williams was diagnosed with cancer.

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Ghesquiere Family Center for Children's Surgery

Advanced technology, minimally invasive surgery and highly trained experts make our center a top spot for pediatric surgery.

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Emergency Surgery

Beaumont's multiple trauma centers are equipped with the latest surgical capabilities and include a Level 1 designation for Royal Oak.

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Latest robotic-assisted surgery

A number of Beaumont hospitals offer robotic assisted surgery with the daVinci system, the leading technology available.

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