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At Beaumont Children’s, our pediatric general surgeons perform nearly 8,000 operative procedures a year, providing expert and compassionate care to children with conditions ranging from common abdominal issues such as appendicitis, hernias and stomach and intestinal issues to trauma, childhood cancers and complex congenital anomalies that require treatment in infancy. 

To learn more about Beaumont Children’s specialty pediatric surgery centers, which include neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and plastic surgery, visit our pediatric surgery overview page.

Southeast Michigan’s trusted children’s pediatric surgery team

Beaumont Children’s general pediatric surgeons are highly trained and specialized in the unique aspects of treating children of all ages, from premature infants through the teenage years. With the goal of providing the most cosmetically appealing and least invasive surgical options for children whose bodies are in different stages of growth and development, Beaumont Children’s pediatric surgeons never compromise on providing the compassionate care patients and their families need while navigating the challenges of surgery and treatment.

Our department is led by surgeons with deep experience and interest in leading-edge general pediatric surgery techniques that are advancing the care and comfort of patients:

Anthony Stallion, M.D., Chief of Pediatric Surgery, has interests in advanced cancer care, inflammatory bowel disease, vascular malformations and trauma.

Robert Morden, M.D., Director of Pediatric Trauma, has an interest in prenatally diagnosed congenital anomalies and non-cardiac thoracic surgery.

Begum Akay, M.D., Director of Pediatric Surgical Education and Chief of Pediatric Surgery, Beaumont, Troy, has an interest in congenital anomalies, minimally invasive surgical techniques and Robotic surgery.

Nathan Novotny, M.D., Director of International Outreach, has an interest in minimally invasive surgical techniques, education and medical missions.

Pavan Brahmamdam, M.D., Director Center Pediatric Surgical Research, has an interest in surgical treatments for obesity, advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques and robotic surgery.

Angela England, NP, has seven years experience as a Pediatric Surgical Nurse Practitioner. She provides expert and compassionate support to the families in the surgical care of the children. 

Pediatric Anesthesiology: Experts in managing surgical pain

Beaumont Children’s board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists all hold subspecialty board certifications in pediatric anesthesia by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Graduates of some of the nation’s most prestigious medical schools, they are experts in the unique treatment needs and concerns of patients ranging from premature infants to 18 year olds. Visit our pediatric anesthesiology page to learn more.

Pre-Surgery Education: How to calm the worries

Help your child manage feelings of anxiety and fear as they approach surgery, treatment and the recovery process. To find out how Beaumont Children’s can help prepare you and your child for what to expect during this challenging time, visit our pediatric pre-surgery page.

Comprehensive pediatric surgical care

The pediatric surgery procedures offered by Beaumont Children’s general surgery cover conditions including:

For a referral to a Beaumont doctor for your child, call 855-480-KIDS (855-480-5437).