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Wilms tumors and other kidney tumors

Safe CareWilms tumor is a form of cancer that develops from the kidney cells. Most kidney cancers found in children and adolescents are diagnosed as Wilms tumors. However, not all tumors developed in the kidneys are Wilms and while it is rare, some of these tumors are found outside of the kidneys. Our specialists treat various types of rare and common kidney cancers. 

The cause of Wilms tumors has not been determined. We do know that it is not contagious or connected to lifestyle habits (including practices during pregnancy) and is not caused by any deficiencies in a child’s diet, such as not having enough fruits, vegetables or vitamins. 

Some of the signs and symptoms include enlarged or bloated belly in a healthy child, belly pain, tiredness, blood in urine (detected only by a urine test), loss of appetite and occasionally a fever. One-fourth of children diagnosed with Wilms tumor have high blood pressure. 

Stages and Treatment options will differ from one patient to the next. Your therapy plan may include a combination of treatment types, such as chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Your provider will discuss a plan of care and our multidisciplinary team will support you to ensure you can follow the recommended plan.

Learning of a cancer diagnosis is scary but we are here to help guide you through the journey. Our highly skilled specialists offer advanced approaches to treatment, while never losing sight of the care your loved one needs and deserves. Our tumor board meets regularly to discuss each patient’s diagnosis, treatment plan and available clinical trials, ensuring each patient can start treatment as soon as possible. We work collaboratively with a team of experts to provide personalized care throughout your journey. 

Our team includes pediatric oncologists, oncology-certified nurses, a nurse practitioner who specializes in oncology, a licensed social worker, certified child life specialists and a hospital teacher/educational liaison all who will assist with understanding your treatment plan, connecting you to resources, communicating and assisting with return to school or work. We also have a Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic where patients are monitored for any late effects of childhood cancer treatment. Your care is our top priority. 

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