Making your child as comfortable as possible during your visit is a priority for all Beaumont Children's team members.

Certified Child Life Specialists are on site regularly in Royal Oak. These professionals are trained to help minimize the stress, anxiety and fear children experience during their time in the hospital. They help children cope more effectively through developmentally appropriate play, support and education and train other staff members to further contribute to a comforting atmosphere.

Certified through the Child Life Council, our Child Life Specialists help children and families in various departments, including: pediatrics, pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), Ghesquiere Children's Center for Surgery and the pediatric emergency center. They are an important part of the health care team, providing comfort and distraction during exams, tests and treatments.

Child Life Services offerings include each of the following:

Children's Miracle Network Garden events

Beaumont's unique Children's Miracle Network Garden is a 4,000-square-foot glass enclosed area open to pediatric and neonatal patients and their families. This beautiful space has state-of-the-art entertainment technology and a whimsical child-friendly atmosphere. Children can play video games, watch movies or relax in the garden with family. The garden includes a large lending library with books for all ages. The "outside" feel of the space brings an important element of healing to all the special children we serve. Child Life Services hosts numerous events in the garden, including:

  • Movie nights - Families enjoy a "night out" watching a new movie in our beautiful Children's Garden, created through funding from Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. This popcorn-filled event brings welcome relief from the typical hospital routine.
  • Parties - Holidays, ice cream socials and pajama parties bring fun and joy to children who may be missing these activities at school or with their friends at home.
  • Spa nights - Taking care of yourself as a parent is so important when your child is in the hospital. These relaxing events offer special care to help parents and children feel more relaxed. Activities include paraffin wax treatments, manicures and light touch facials.

Medical play, preparation and procedural support

Child Life Specialists help children understand hospital experiences through non-threatening play. They put on educational and fun sessions in which children learn coping skills and feel more prepared for their upcoming medical procedures.

Playroom activities

  • Group Games - Beaumont Children's patients get to participate in BINGO, trivia, board games, Uno tournaments and more, which helps them feel playful and motivated.
  • Creative Arts - Beading, journaling, painting and other activities give children a chance to create and express their feelings through the artistic process. Children share stories and develop bonds with other patients experiencing similar challenges.

Book cart

Stocked with books for children of all ages, our book cart visits patient rooms up to five times each week. Children can select one or more books to enjoy during their time in the hospital and are welcome to take them home when they leave.

Keepsake programs

Children collect beautiful beads that represent their unique hospital experiences. These keepsakes stand as a testament to the strength and courage that children demonstrate during health challenges. Parents in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) also participate in our bead program. Beads representing each baby's "firsts" help parents share and remember important moments in the NICU.

Surgical tours

Children who are prepared for surgical procedures generally feel less anxiety and cope better with the experience. For this reason, we offer surgical tours twice a month. A Child Life Specialist shows the child and his or her family where the surgery will take place and what they should expect. Email us for more information.

Video games and movies

Xbox 360 games and children's movies provide hours of comfort and entertainment for children, from right in their own hospital beds.

Reach Out and Read

The national Reach Out and Reach literacy program brings new books to children during health maintenance visits. Through the program, Beaumont Children's Hospital doctors encourage reading and promote a love of books, even among our smallest patients.

Patient and family centered care

The Child Life team recognizes that families are integral to healing and should participate fully in health care experiences. Child Life offers support to parents and siblings through participation in all offerings and special programs just for brothers and sisters.