Babysitter checklist for children with diabetes


As a parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes, you know that helping your child manage the condition can be complicated. Along with all the challenges that come with raising any child, you’re also responsible for testing blood glucose levels, counting carbohydrates at meal and snack time and dosing insulin.

It can be stressful and you may find yourself wishing for a night out.

That means transferring all those responsibilities to another caregiver for a few hours. Whether it’s a babysitter from your neighborhood or a grandparent, there’s a lot they need to know.

Here’s a checklist of information to get you out of the house with the peace of mind that the person caring for your child has the information they need at their fingertips:

Babysitter Checklist for Children with Diabetes

  • address
  • numbers you can be reached at
  • additional emergency contact
  • insulin: carb ratios
  • target blood sugar
  • meal time carbohydrates
  • snack time carbohydrates
  • meal/snack notes
  • allergies
  • bedtime
  • time/BG/insulin dose
  • pediatric diabetes clinic number
  • clinic's after-hours on-call number
  • glucagon kit location
  • other notes
Providing this pertinent information in advance of a day or night out will help alleviate any apprehensions you have about leaving your child's care to somebody else and will also grant them peace of mind as well.
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Babysitter Checklist

for children with diabetes

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