Women's Services


Women don’t quit. We don’t either.

Women prove every day through their work, their passion and how they live their lives that they don’t quit. They know that people rely on them, need them and look to them for help, so quitting isn’t an option.

In many ways, Beaumont shares the same qualities and, like women, we will not quit. That means working to ensure the highest quality care for all patients while tirelessly reaching for new and better solutions and treatments.


With advanced medical care from leading doctors and midwives, Beaumont gives women the information they need to decide what is right for them and their baby.

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Following your heart takes a healthy heart and that begins at Beaumont.

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Provides the latest information on hereditary cancer risk as well as guidelines for personalized early detection and prevention options.

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Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women, and because many women have no symptoms, a regular breast cancer screening is an important tool in early detection.

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Beaumont experts offer extensive female urology care with innovative treatments.

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To connect with a women's health specialist, call 800-633-7377 or complete the form below.


To honor and celebrate inspirational, powerful women, Beaumont commissioned local artist, Desiree Kelly, to create a unique three-dimensional, outdoor mural.



Gynecology Services

Our gynecology services provide women with board certified experts, many with subspecialized training.

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Breast Care Services

Choose a breast care or imaging center location to schedule your mammogram today

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Pregnancy Support

Care and resources for you during pregnancy, labor and delivery, after pregnancy and more

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Health News

From breast cupcakes to breast surgery: Witty woman uses humor to cope with her serious diagnosis of breast cancer

Angela used her experience with breast cancer treatment at Beaumont to help her family, friends and surgeons see the benefits of infusing treatment with humor.

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Health News

Woman finds joy through natural birth second and third time around

Beaumont, Royal Oak's Karmanos Center for Natural Birth gives women options and personal control over their birth experience.

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Health News

Local woman thrives in exercise boot camp, refuses to let pacemaker hold her back

You’d never know Julie has a pacemaker. She’s a healthy, young and athletic woman.

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