Physical Therapy Knee Pain Assessment

Knee Pain

Find out if physical therapy can help you reduce your knee pain

Based on your specific needs, our physical therapy team will create a customized treatment plan focused on reducing your knee pain, improving your quality of life and increasing your strength, mobility and function. Treatment may also be started on your first visit depending on the length of your assessment and your insurance.

When it came to their ability to perform daily tasks after physical therapy, in 2019, 24% of Beaumont knee or lower extremity patients reported a greater outcome than expected.

Recent studies have shown that patients who underwent physical therapy soon after developing knee pain were approximately seven to 16% less likely to use opioids in subsequent months.

If your doctor and you decide that surgery is your best option, physical therapy can still be an essential part of your road to recovery both before and after surgery.


Causes of knee pain

  • an injury or fall
  • overuse or repetitive movements, both in sports and at work
  • sudden changes in activity level
  • ligament sprain
  • muscle strain
  • arthritic changes
  • mechanical issues

Road to recovery

What to expect during your knee pain assessment 

At Beaumont, knee evaluations are performed by highly skilled physical therapists at any of our convenient locations across Southeast Michigan.

Your first visit will consist of: 

  • a review of your medical and surgical history as well as diagnostic tests that you have had
  • obtaining a thorough history of your current problem/injury, its onset/progression and any previous treatment you have received
  • an assessment of your mobility, strength, walking/running, posture, balance and functional ability. Come prepared to move.
  • special tests to determine from where your pain is coming such as tendons, cartilage, etc.
  • collaboration between your therapist and you to develop a plan of care that’s right for you 
    setting functional goals to get you back to moving and doing activities that are important to you 
  • your therapist may have you start home program activity that day or may initiate treatment, which is personalized to you
  • if you are in pain, during your first visit your therapist can provide treatment or advice that gives you immediate short term pain relief
  • all care will be one-on-one with a licensed clinician.
  • during this first appointment, future therapy sessions will be scheduled based on the findings of your assessment
  • your therapist will provide your referring physician with a report of your evaluation and ongoing communication as your care progresses. 

Wear loose fitting pants (allowing pant leg to be pulled up to mid-thigh) or shorts are recommended for the evaluation, so that your knee can be observed. 

We want your time with us to be a successful partnership. Make sure to talk to your therapist right away if your expectations are not being met.