Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Hip Physical Therapy

Hip physical therapy addresses any hip movement dysfunction through evaluation and treatment of the entire biomechanical chain to promote musculoskeletal symmetry and optimal neuromuscular function. The goal of hip physical therapy is to allow each patient to obtain the functional ability necessary to perform the activities required by their lifestyle and to meet the demands of their environment.

Service Overview

Hip physical therapists examine and treat the symptomatic hip with a comprehensive approach to the whole patient. Hip therapy consists of ongoing treatment adjustments and modifications which are customized to each patient's feedback and response.

Supportive functional exercise programs are designed for each patient which are compatible with the manual techniques utilized to restore normal function. Gait deviations are improved by stretching and strengthening of the core and lower extremity musculature. Gait training is utilized to emphasize proper ambulatory techniques. Assistive devices are used as necessary, to improve the patient's independence with ambulation, bending, lifting and getting in and out of chairs/bed.

Specialized Hip Physical Therapy Programs

  • HOPE-pre-surgical program for TKA -Royal Oak
  • Joint Adventure -pre-surgical program for TKA -Troy
  • Spa by the Shore

Conditions Treated

  • acute traumatic hip injuries
  • fracture/dislocation
  • avascular necrosis
  • muscle strains
  • tendonitis
  • trochanteric bursitis
  • overuse injuries
  • osteoarthritis
  • hip pain
  • all post-operative hip conditions, including THA, arthroscopy, labral repair, ORIF, osteotomy, surgical dislocation and more


  • normalize joint arthrokinematics
  • achieve synchronized muscular balance, recruitment and strength
  • restore adaptable postural control and stabilization
  • promote optimal balance and proprioception
  • obtain sufficient functional ability necessary to meet environmental and lifestyle demands