Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

The survivorship psychosocial support program identifies psychosocial and practical needs of each patient and provides emotional support services and other resources as needed in a timely, comprehensive manner. Services are offered through a variety of methods to provide assistance and support to patients, caregivers and families.

Social Work

Given all the challenges of a cancer diagnosis, some people find it helpful to talk things over with a trained and sympathetic listener. Social Work Services at Beaumont provide counseling services to individuals, families and caregivers at no charge. Referrals to internal and external resources are provided to patients and families based on individual needs. A social worker can provide information regarding emotional issues, practical concerns and community resources, as well as offer on-going evaluation for continuous improvement.

Cancer Resource Centers, Classes and Support Groups

Beaumont offers a full range of classes and support resources to help you through a cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. Support groups are offered for patients and families with particular areas of focus for individualized needs: brain, breast, colorectal, GI-liver-pancreas, head and neck, GYN, kidney, leukemia-lymphoma-myeloma, lung, prostate-bladder, melanoma-skin cancer, thyroid, general, children, teens and young adults, African American and Hispanic.

In addition to the support groups and classes offered at Beaumont, the Cancer Resource Centers can provide direction and clarity to patients for navigating their journey through treatment and survivorship, as well as providing additional resources based on specific needs for patients, care givers and family members. Services are provided free of charge and no referral is needed.

Services include:

  • oncology nurse navigators provide education and guidance throughout the cancer journey and into survivorship
  • social work services
  • nutritional counseling and information sessions
  • lending library and public computers with internet access
  • community and hospital-based support groups
  • diagnosis-specific information
  • medication assistance program
  • financial resource information
  • transportation and housing assistance
  • smoking cessation assistance
  • peer-to-peer counseling information
  • Sharing & Caring program for breast cancer patients and their families

Information and referrals available for various services:

  • integrative medicine
  • cancer genetics program
  • smoking cessation programs
  • weight control program
  • transportation
  • wigs
  • meals and cleaning services / home aid
  • retreats
  • program information for pediatric survivors - college scholarships - camp programs
  • Celebration of Life event - held the first Sunday every June to celebrate survivors and their families

For more information call the Rose Cancer Resource Center on the Royal Oak campus at 248-551-1339 or the Wilson Cancer Resource Center across from the Troy campus at 248-964-3430.

Sharing & Caring Breast Cancer Education and Support Program

A breast cancer diagnosis begins an avalanche of questions, concerns and decisions to be made. Sharing & Caring is here for you. "Knowledge Night" programs, providing information important to those newly diagnosed or well into their survivorship, are held regularly. Sharing & Caring offers support groups for breast cancer patients/survivors, young women with breast cancer and those living with metastatic disease. Most of the programs and support groups are held at the Rose Cancer Center in Royal Oak and Wilson Cancer Resource Center on the Troy campus, with occasional field trips to other locations of interest.

Sharing & Caring publishes a quarterly newsletter with pertinent news about breast cancer, current program calendar, survivor profiles and more.

Spiritual Support

Trained chaplains understand the broad spectrum of spirituality and may be helpful in the patient and family's journey to well-being through assisting, affirming and guiding them, as they explore and connect with their own personal spiritual energy.

Chaplains are available to provide individualized spiritual support for oncology inpatients and family members and provide guidance for patients for follow-up and on-going support through personal churches / religious affiliations.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine combines conventional and alternative approaches to address the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of health and wellness. The program focuses on healing the whole person, with the goal of improving quality of life for patients, their families and others close to them.

Palliative Care

Palliative care comes from the Latin word pallium, meaning to cloak or to shelter - with a clear goal of providing comfort. At Beaumont, we offer compassionate care at any stage of an illness using a team approach to palliative care. We emphasize the quality of life and the management of symptoms along with other medically appropriate treatments


Hospice is a special way of caring for a family member with a terminal illness. Beaumont Hospice provides physical, psychological and spiritual care as well as comfort to those with life limiting illnesses. Patients and their family members can receive these services regardless of ability to pay. Hospice allows your loved one to live their final days at their home, nursing facility or retirement community.