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At Beaumont, our cancer specialists are among the most highly-skilled and best-trained medical professionals in the world. The cancer specialists and sub-specialists at Beaumont work collaboratively to provide the best in personalized care. Our experience and expertise helps diagnose and treat even the most difficult types of cancer. 

Our program is nationally recognized for successful treatment of cancers using the latest technologies.

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Advanced Technologies and Board-certified Oncologists

Beaumont offers the most sophisticated and detailed diagnostic treatment options including 3-D, computer-assisted surgery and radiation treatments with pinpoint accuracy.

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Christopher Tschirhart

Health News

Michigan cowboy back in the saddle after heart surgery saves his life

Christopher's family doctor discovered a heart issue during a regular exam about a decade ago.

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Laurie Striebel

Health News

Lung cancer patient says early detection saved her life, encourages others to get screened

Laurie tried to quit smoking more than a dozen times; it finally stuck at about age 68.

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Robert Miles

Health News

Cancer patient gains strength and function with physical therapy

“If you lose too much weight, treatment has to stop. I didn’t want that to happen; I wanted to power through and finish as soon as possible.”

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Cancer Centers

Beaumont's Cancer Centers can connect you and your family with vital support and services including education, counseling and transportation.

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National Research

Beaumont is one of only a select number of community sites participating in the National Cancer Institute's Community Oncology Research Program.

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Classes & Support Groups

We offer a variety of classes and support groups throughout our communities to help you and your family before, during and after treatment.

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Classes & Events