Classes, Support & Resources

The diagnosis of cancer changes your life. Yet in the mix of emotions and challenges, there is always hope and help. You and your family can count on all of the resources and personnel at the Beaumont Cancer Institute to help you navigate through diagnosis and treatment. Most important - remember that you are not alone.

The oncology team at Beaumont features many support personnel who can assist in meeting the needs of patients and their families during diagnosis and treatment. Whether need assistance finding your way around the hospital, staying in touch with loved ones, getting to and from treatments or dealing with the emotional ups and downs, we can help.

Beaumont's Cancer Centers can connect you and your family with vital support and services, including

  • disease information 
  • counseling 
  • patient advocacy 
  • resource assistance 
  • support and educational groups
  • books, video, DVDs and tapes for loan
  • free educational materials
  • transportation