The Pediatric Weight Management Clinic at Beaumont

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Pediatric Weight Management Clinic

There are many reasons children become obese. While genetics play a role, a common cause is an imbalance in the amounts and types of foods they eat and how active they are. The greatest success is achieved when families make changes together.

The Weight Management Clinic at Beaumont Children’s provides patients and families with an individualized evaluation of the causes and complications of obesity. We focus on behavior change techniques and work with families to develop a unique treatment plan that addresses nutrition, physical activity, media use and sleep habits.


Eligible patients are between the ages of 2 and 20 with body mass index (BMI) approaching or greater than the 95th percentile.

Clinic Leadership

Majda Hannish, M.D., is board certified in pediatrics and obesity medicine. Since 2011, she has helped patients and their families manage eating disorders as part of the Beaumont Children’s Adolescent Medicine department. Dr. Hannish completed pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital of Michigan and completed the executive MBA program at Oakland University.


A typical new patient visit lasts 60 to 90 minutes and includes an evaluation with a doctor or nurse practitioner and a registered dietitian. If not yet collected, we may obtain studies to check metabolic or hormonal conditions that contribute to or result from obesity. Families leave the clinic visit with goals for nutrition and physical activity to begin working at home right away. Families will also receive a copy of these goals and a clinic note to facilitate coordination with the patient’s primary care doctor. If your child needs a follow-up appointment, these normally last 30 to 40 minutes.