Visitor guidelines have been updated for all Beaumont hospital locations | COVID-19 vaccine information

Beaumont employee administers COVID-19 vaccines at Southfield clinic

Beaumont has been fighting the pandemic
with our community since the beginning.

Drive through COVID-19 screening site at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak

Beaumont quickly implemented drive through COVID-19 screening sites.

Beaumont employee cleans and disinfects hand railing

We continue to regularly clean and disinfect all our sites to keep you safe.

Health care hero logo projected onto Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak

During these extraordinary times, we are thankful for our health care heroes.

We’re proud to have cared for the
most COVID patients in the state.

Beaumont treated it’s first COVID patient on March 14, 2020.

At our peak in April, we were treating more than 1,000 patients daily.

By the end of 2020, we had treated thousands of patients in our hospitals and emergency centers.

Our staff continues to care for COVID-19 patients every day.

With every person we vaccinate,
our community grows stronger.