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Infectious Diseases | Beaumont HouseCall

Dr. Gilpin digs into antibiotic resistance, Zika virus, hepatitis A and more. He also attempts to answer the question he often gets asked, "Infectious disease physician... what does that mean?"

Zip Codes | Beaumont HouseCall

Dr. Shajahan shares her passion for community health and explains why your zip code may matter more than your genetic code. What state has the highest life expectancy? Take a guess and then tune in.

Sports Medicine | Beaumont HouseCall

Dr. Gilpin shares a personal tale of a weekend warrior gone wrong and invites Dr. Bishai, orthopedic surgeon, to join the HouseCall to talk all things sports injuries and, more importantly, how to treat them.

Loneliness Epidemic | Beaumont HouseCall

We're living in an increasingly social world, yet rates of loneliness are rising. Dr. Shajahan wants to know what's up with that. She's invited Betty Priskorn, community health expert, to get to the bottom of loneliness.

Proton Therapy | Beaumont HouseCall

Tracy opens HouseCall with his cancer story - from discovery to research to proton therapy treatment. Dr. Stevens, radiation oncologist, breaks down this revolutionary treatment method.

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Nick Gilpin, D.O.

Chief Medical Officer
Beaumont Hospital,
Grosse Pointe

Dr. Gilpin is a board-certified infectious disease and internal medicine physician. He's been practicing infectious diseases for 10 years and has appeared in many publications and lectures on a variety of topics within the specialty.

Dr. Gilpin lives in Royal Oak with his wife, Lauren, and two cats, Axel and Murphy. He has a passion for all things science and medicine and enjoys golf, vinyl LPs, reading and traveling.


Asha Shajahan, M.D.

Family Medicine
Beaumont Hospital,
Grosse Pointe

Dr. Shajahan is a board-certified family physician and medical director of Community Health for Beaumont, Grosse Pointe.

She aims to improve community health by educating physicians on social detriments and cultural humility.

Dr. Shajahan aspires to create a culture of wellness in all communities regardless of socioeconomic status, zip code, race/ethnicity.

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