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Breastfeeding Latching Tips

Latching and unlatching baby while breastfeeding can be challenging, especially during the first few weeks when you and your baby are both learning. Below are breastfeeding latching tips that may help if you’re finding it difficult to latch or unlatch your baby.

Breastfeeding Latching

  • Tickle your baby’s upper lip with your nipple.
  • Wait until your baby’s mouth is wide open before nursing.
  • Bring your baby quickly to your breast.
  • Make sure your baby’s lips are wide open (like a yawn) against the breast.
  • Make sure your baby’s mouth is deep on the nipple.
  • In the first few days, you should hear one swallow every 6 to 10 sucks; the swallow sounds like a sigh or a “cah” sound.
  • Once you are making more milk, by the third to fifth day, you will hear one swallow for every two to three sucks.
  • Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt; if you are experiencing discomfort or if you are struggling with latching your baby, don’t hesitate to call for help.

Breastfeeding Unlatching

  • Insert your finger at the corner of your baby’s mouth between the gums to break suction; continue on along the side of your nipple using your finger to protect your nipple so that if your baby bites or tries to keep sucking, it will be on your finger and not your nipple.
  • Never pull your baby off your breast as this may hurt your breast.