Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Occupational Therapy

Beaumont occupational therapy partners with you to provide customized treatments focused on improving how you function in your everyday life.  Occupational therapy helps you with daily activities of living, movements for your job and using adaptive equipment.

Your occupational therapist is a licensed health care professional that focuses on restoring your strength, flexibility and ergonomics during functional training. 

Our goal is to design a care plan in collaboration with you and your family’s to help you return to the highest level of functional independence for your daily activities or work tasks. 


Occupational therapy services include:

Online Scheduling Available For Certain Locations

Please have your insurance information available. Online appointment scheduling is for new patients and initial evaluation only.

If you are a current patient and either need to reschedule your visit or ask for additional information, please call the location you are attending.