WorkAbility Program and Fit for Function


Working to your specifications

We work closely with the patients, physicians, employers, vocational counselors, rehabilitation coordinators, insurance companies and other rehabilitation professionals to ensure success in the program.

These programs are unique. We specialize in evaluations and treatments to meet the individual needs of the patient.


The WorkAbility program is a specialized service that assists individuals returning back to work after an occupational injury, accident or illness. We treat a wide variety of diagnoses including traumatic brain injury, neurological and neuromuscular disorders; orthopedic neck, back, upper extremity and lower extremity injuries; repetitive motion injuries and chronic pain. Our program is staffed by licensed occupational therapists.

Programs offered

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a process of observation, measurement and analysis of a patient’s ability to safely perform job related functions including lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, reaching, climbing, sitting and standing. Evaluation results help determine a patient’s safe working level and ability to perform critical job demands.

Work hardening

Work hardening is a highly structured treatment program that focuses on flexibility, mobility, strengthening, cardiovascular conditioning and education. Patients are instructed in proper body mechanics, pain management and ergonomics.

On-site job analysis

An on-site job analysis identifies the physical and cognitive demands of a job and potential workplace stressors. The employee is educated in proper body mechanics, positioning techniques and pain management. strategies to manage these stressors.

Job coaching

Working with the patient at the work site, we provide recommendations for job accommodations and body mechanic instruction, essentially “coaching” patients while they perform critical job demands.

Pain management

Our pain management program includes proper body mechanics, postural awareness, stretching, work simplification and equipment recommendations.

Pre-employment screenings

This is a functional assessment for employers to test prospective employees based on specific job tasks. Screenings provide data indicating if critical job demands can be met.

Fit for Function

Fit for Function is a comprehensive and objective assessment designed to assess and improve a patient’s maximum physical abilities related to basic and instrumental activities of daily living (BADLs and IADLs).


  • posture
  • transfers
  • body mechanics
  • functional mobility
  • Instrumental

  • lifting
  • carrying
  • pushing
  • pulling
  • Fit for Function has a musculoskeletal base and rates a patient's demonstrated performance. 

    Physical abilities and limitations are compared to physical and functional findings (i.e. range of motion, muscle strength, sensation, dexterity, 
    postural tolerances and dynamic movement patterns).

    The patient is instructed and educated in safe range of motion to perform BADLs and IADLs, neuromuscular re-education, self-care management, proper body mechanics, symptom management techniques and alternative strategies for functional movement patterns to avoid injury. 

    Fit for Function is not limited to a specific diagnosis or disease process. It is the basis for identifying a patient's abilities/limitations related to ADLs. It is also a goal, oriented treatment program to improve overall function with select ADLs without compensatory movement pattern, or exacerbation of symptoms.