Therapy After Orthopedic Surgery Important for Quicker Recovery

Rehab after surgery

For a patient recovering from a knee, hip or spine surgery, regaining movement, strength and function can't come soon enough.

Physical and occupational therapy are often the most effective ways of getting back to exercise, hobbies, or just everyday activities as quickly as possible.

Often with orthopedic surgery, it’s crucial to minimize stiffness and gain motion back to the joints. “Therapy helps teach patients how to do their exercises, make sure they’re being done correctly and identify problems that the surgeon might want to be aware of,” explains James Bicos, M.D., Beaumont orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist.

While therapy can be time consuming, it’s important to know that the time you dedicate toward recovering the right away will pay off in maximized healing potential according to Dr. Bicos.

“I always discus rehab with my patients. Their participation is a major factor in achieving the best outcome post-surgery,” advises Dr. Bicos.

Dr. Bicos stresses that the benefits of therapy are evident each day with patients. “We see patients all the time that are on the path to a quicker recovery thanks to therapy.”

Below are some common practices and tips for recovery following a spine, knee and hip surgery:

Therapy After Spine Surgery

Therapy After Knee Surgery

Therapy After Hip Surgery

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