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The future of shoulder pain treatment is here now.

If you have shoulder problems, you know how difficult it can be to do simple things: raise your arm, pick up a child, throw a ball, and many other everyday activities. Orthopedic shoulder specialists at Beaumont offer a full range of treatments for patients of all ages with all types of shoulder problems.

At Beaumont, orthopedic shoulder treatment options are available for patients with even the most complex diagnosis. From minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques to total joint replacement to complicated fractures, shoulder surgeons at Beaumont have the special training and experience to expertly treat your shoulder pain. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum performance, no matter how old you are athlete or whether you are an athlete or not.

Beaumont has the most comprehensive approach to shoulder conditions. We offer the reverse ball-and-socket total shoulder replacement surgery, which is designed for patients with severe pain from arthritis and torn rotator cuffs. This pain makes it difficult for them to lift their arms away from their sides. And because Beaumont's shoulder orthopedic surgeons are at the forefront of the latest techniques, they perform many shoulder replacement surgeries each year.

In addition to their clinical practice, Beaumont shoulder orthopedic surgeons are also involved in teaching and research. Teaching responsibilities include training of medical students, orthopedic surgery residents, and post-graduate fellows in the Beaumont Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery Fellowship. Research is important because it helps develop new approaches and technology and refines established techniques. Shoulder specialists conduct laboratory research in the state-of-the-art Harold W. Gehring, M.D. Center for Biomechanics and Implant Analysis in the Beaumont Research Institute and are also involved in numerous clinical outcome studies.

Shoulder surgery treats a broad range of problems including rotator cuff tears, arthritis, instability, fractures, and revision surgery. Below is a partial list of common shoulder diagnoses treated.

At Beaumont, we continue to pioneer new and innovative orthopedics - offering a full range of cutting-edge shoulder treatment for patients of all ages with all types of shoulder problems. Our most recent advances range from minimally invasive procedures to the reverse shoulder replacement. Both techniques have been pioneered and refined over the last decade.

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