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Proton therapy can treat many types of cancers and tumors in children and, while reducing or eliminating side effects is always the objective, it is particularly important with pediatric patients. Children’s bodies are still growing and therefore can be more sensitive to the damaging effects of radiation.

Pencil beam scanning (PBS) and intensity modulated proton therapy (IMPT) are two techniques used at the Beaumont Proton Therapy Center that allow precise control over proton radiation delivery to the tumor site and avoids nearby healthy structures. This delivers the dose to the target and spares the tissue around the tumor.

Care for our pediatric patients involve a team of experts. In addition to our pediatric-trained radiation oncologists and pediatric medical oncologists, we include a skilled pediatric anesthesia team, oncology nurses, child life specialists, dieticians and a pediatric physical therapy team in the assessment of our patients. Our team approach offers families support services that limit the disruptions a cancer diagnosis can cause and ease the patient’s transition once the treatment is complete.

To learn more about proton therapy, or to find out if you are eligible for this treatment option, speak to a proton nurse navigator at Beaumont. Call 248-551-8402.

Planning images from a pediatric patient show the significant decrease in radiation exposure to surrounding tissue and organs:







Pediatric Proton Therapy: Hudson’s Story

Hudson Brown was diagnosed and treated for a brain tumor at Beaumont Children's in 2018. He and his family were able to stay at home in Southeast Michigan while Hudson went through 30 treatments at the Beaumont Proton Therapy Center, which had recently opened. Hudson has made a 100% recovery and is now a healthy, happy eight-year-old.