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Beaumont Health's radiation oncology department is ranked among the top in the U.S. for advanced technology, innovative cancer treatment programs, research, and professional and medical staff. So when patients come to Beaumont for cancer treatment, they can count on receiving state-of-the art therapies from the physicians who developed them. Teams of professionals – doctors, nurses, physicists, biologists and radiation therapists – specialize in treating specific cancers, so patients know they are being treated by the best.

As a world leader in radiation oncology, Beaumont teams have developed some of the most advanced radiation treatments and therapies available, including:
External-beam radiation therapy - Beaumont radiation oncologists offer the most innovative treatments available, many of which were pioneered right at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.

External-beam therapies include:
• adaptive radiation therapy
• image-guided radiation therapy
• intensity-modulated radiation therapy
• metabolically guided radiation therapy
• proton therapy
• radiosurgery
• stereotactic body radiation therapy
Internal-beam radiation therapy - With high-dose radiation brachytherapy, Beaumont’s radiation oncologists have led the way in developing new approaches to treating breast and prostate cancer.
Our teams also offer advanced approaches, including combining hyperthermia with radiation therapy to improve the effectiveness of treating breast cancer.

Patients referred from throughout the world benefit from Beaumont’s expertise in treating all types of cancer, including access to national clinical trials and in-house investigational trials.

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