Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

From the time of diagnosis, our program brings patients and health care providers together to promote optimized health and healing of mind, body and spirit through integrative practices and education before, during and after cancer treatment. The programs are offered in a state-of-the art exercise facility and are designed by physical and occupational therapists who are experts in cancer wellness, exercise and rehabilitation care.

Consultation and recommendations

Physical and occupational therapists, with specialty training in oncology rehabilitation work with physician(s) to create an individualized wellness and exercise program.

First, patients meet with a licensed physical therapist for an exercise screening to determine the best possible exercise program to meet each patient's needs. The emphasis will be on improving movement, balance, promoting fitness and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

  • Supervised exercise program - Overseen by a clinician, this exercise and wellness program promotes fun, fitness, function and friendship for people before, during or after cancer treatment.
  • Individual wellness - As a Cancer Survivorship Program participant, patients receive a fitness evaluation and individualized exercise or activity plan that can be implemented at home or in a fitness center.
  • Physical and occupational therapy- If the patient requires more specialized care, traditional therapy includes treatment for range of motion, muscle weakness, exercises for urinary and fecal continence in men and women, pain management, lymphedema management, balance, gait training, modifying activities and environments to maintain quality of life and other treatments focusing on specific impairments or functional limitation(s).

Physical therapy

Physical therapy can help manage movement problems related to weakness, surgical restrictions, low fitness levels and lymphedema. Traditional therapy includes therapeutic exercise, manual techniques, aerobic exercise and lymphedema management.

Occupational therapy

Patients with cancer may experience changes in their physical, cognitive and emotional well-being. Sometimes just doing daily activities leaves little energy for leisure, social or work related tasks. Occupational therapy practitioners have the knowledge and expertise to modify activities and environments to allow individuals to do the things they want and need to do to maintain their quality of life.

Licensed therapists

At Beaumont, all therapists are licensed. In addition, therapists in the Cancer Survivorship Program have experience and specialty training in cancer wellness, exercise and rehabilitation care. These therapists have a comprehensive understanding of exercise and its direct impact on the recovery and survivorship of cancer patients. These specialists are graduates of or faculty members of Beaumont's accredited cancer rehabilitation clinical residency.

Insurance information

Traditional physical and occupational therapy is covered by most insurance; however, reimbursement depends on your benefits program. Discounted programs are available for those who qualify. The supervised exercise program is a self-pay program with a minimal cost per session.