Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

The research arm of the Department of Radiation Oncology is tasked with investigating novel applications of radiation therapy, both for tumor control prior to surgical resection and for palliative care. Our overarching goal is to advance the study of radiation biology in order to maximize treatment effectiveness at every level.

Our department consists of an outstanding team of talented, creative, and exceptional scientists, physicians, and other support staff. As a world leader in radiation oncology, our teams at Beaumont have developed some of the most recognized radiation treatments available today, including adaptive radiation- and image-guided radiation therapy. Combined with interdisciplinary collaborative research initiatives, both from within the walls of Beaumont and with outside institutions, our work has the continued potential for the significant long-term impact on the science of radiation oncology, as well as the management of each patient that receives treatment here and elsewhere.

Key Research Areas

  • Adaptive Radiation Oncology
  • Effects of radiation on lung health and infection risk
  • Effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy on stem cells