The Managing Childhood Diabetes videos were created to provide Beaumont Pediatric Endocrinology patients and families consistent education about new-onset diabetes care. The educational material is separated into eight videos that coincide with the teaching tools provided to new-onset diabetes patient families. Patients and their families will watch these videos to learn about the diagnosis and management of diabetes during their hospital stay. We encourage families to re-watch the videos at home and share the information with grandparents, caregivers, their schools and others.

Note: These videos are Beaumont guidelines to diabetes management. Please follow your child’s individualized care plan, and call your endocrinologist with any questions.

Educational Videos

Managing Type 1 Diabetes in the School Setting

Beaumont Children’s is committed to improving the lives of children with Type 1 diabetes. As part of this commitment, the Beaumont pediatric endocrinology team is pleased to offer a collection of Type 1 diabetes resources for parents and non-medical personnel in schools.

It takes a team to provide a safe and healthy school environment for students with Type 1 diabetes. We all need to help. Parents, school personnel, doctors and nurses need to work together.

We encourage parents of children with Type 1 diabetes to discuss plans for their children’s care with the principal or 504 building coordinator at the school.

This informational video is titled Managing Type 1 Diabetes in Schools: A Guide for Non-Medical Personnel in Schools. The video is not intended to replace formal training. It is intended to be used in conjunction with formal training from either a school nurse or parents of the student with Type 1 diabetes. The video provides an overview for non-medical personnel in schools on how to provide care for a student with Type 1 diabetes in the school setting.

This video is accompanied by a guide to treating children with Type 1 diabetes in the school setting. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for the materials taught throughout the video.

Type 1 Diabetes Resources for Parents

  • School Management Plan: This document can be used as a Diabetes Medical Management Plan. It details the specific diabetes needs of your student while at school.
  • Quick Reference Guide: This one page document outlines hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia definitions and treatment.
  • School Medication Authorization: This form provides authorization from the student's physician and parent to administer medication at school.
  • 504 Plan: This is an agreement to ensure that the student with Type 1 diabetes receives accommodations to provide the same education as a student without Type 1 diabetes.