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The NoBLE anti-bullying program and the Oakland Mediation Center have teamed up to create a mediation program for parents and schools to resolve issues related to bullying behavior.

What is mediation?

Mediation provides a neutral environment that is conducive to dialogue that helps build parent-school relationships. Through mediation, a plan can be created to stop the bullying and improve a child's school experience which can impact the outcome of that child's life. It is an alternative to the litigation process.

It’s a private, voluntary process where individuals have the opportunity to be heard, share different points of view, brainstorm options and negotiate a solution that meets everyone’s needs. The mediator facilitates communication and promotes voluntary decision making as the parents and the school work through the process.

Open Your Mediation Case

It can be difficult for schools and families to have conversations around such a sensitive and emotional subject as bullying. Mediation provides a neutral environment that is conducive to dialogue the helps build parent-school relationships. It can help create a plan that is a springboard to improving a child's school experience with benefits extending far beyond the school environment.

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Participants in the mediation process would include:

  • parents or guardians of a child who is being bullied, or who is exhibiting bullying behavior
  • school representatives
  • a specially trained mediator from the Oakland Mediation Center with experience in bullying issues
  • and a bullying issues specialist (licensed master’s social worker) from the NoBLE program

Parents or schools can request mediation through the Oakland Mediation Center or NoBLE. A mediation specialist will gather information about the situation, contact the other parties to obtain consent for the use of services and schedule a mediation session.