A Clinically Proven Workshop for Parents of Children Ages 3-10

This six-week workshop is led by Sarah Baker, Ph.D., a fully licensed clinical psychologist who works with children and adolescents with a variety of developmental issues and learning struggles. Dr. Baker is a committed and competent psychologist with special expertise in the field of child development, parenting and behavior management.

who should attend

  • mothers
  • fathers
  • grandparents
  • nannies
  • babysitters
  • teachers
  • tutors
  • physicians
  • psychologists
  • therapists
  • day care personnel

Learn the most current behavior modification techniques at Beaumont Children's Center for Human Development.


  • the strong-willed child
  • parenting the child with ADHD
  • teaching your child to listen to you –
    the first time you ask
  • motivation
  • responsibility
  • self-esteem
  • self-confidence
  • discipline that really works

Associated behavior problems

  • homework battles
  • back-talk
  • distractibility
  • impulsivity
  • meltdowns
  • whining
  • bedtime struggles
  • morning struggles
  • sibling rivalry