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8/19/2022 1:40:10 PM Reporting from Detroit,MI
Beaumont Health Celebrates Nursing at Annual Awards Event
8/19/2022 1:40:10 PM
Beaumont celebrates nursing and support staff with its 3rd annual Nursing Excellence Awards.

Beaumont Health Celebrates Nursing at Annual Awards Event

Beaumont celebrates nursing and support staff with its 3rd annual Nursing Excellence Awards.
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Beaumont Health Celebrates Nursing at Annual Awards Event

Friday, August 19, 2022

Beaumont, Trenton Emergency Center Team

Beaumont Health celebrated the profound impact our nursing teams and support staff have on patients, families and communities with its 3rd annual Nursing Excellence Awards.

“Congratulations to our winners and to all of our exceptional nursing team members from across the system,” said Anne Stewart, RN, interim chief nursing officer for Beaumont Health. “We received more than 550 nominations this year, which is a testament that the work our Beaumont nursing team does every day makes a difference.”

From each sites’ nominees, one site finalist was awarded in 14 categories.

All award winners and site finalists were announced Aug. 18 and honored with a virtual celebration, live-streamed for family members and friends to tune in and cheer on the incredible nurses and direct nursing support staff.

Bill Sweet, RN, and his team was recognized with the Nursing Team Award. He still gets choked up when he talks about the “thank you” sign they received from the son of a 2020 heart attack patient whose life was saved, due in large part, to their efforts.

“At 7-years-old, this boy was a phonetic speller,” said Sweet, director for the Emergency Center nursing team at Beaumont Hospital, Trenton. “His youth and vulnerabilities are all right there. And, so is his heart. He made time to tell us how much his father and our efforts meant to him. On difficult days, it’s a special reminder of why we do what we do.”

Gilly Anderson, RN, chief nursing officer, Beaumont, Trenton, added, “Bill doesn’t just talk about servant leadership, he rolls up his sleeves. No meeting is too important to keep him off the floor if his team needs him.”


Nursing Support Staff Helping Hands Hero Award
Vallery Ecklund of Troy, hospitality associate, Hospitality, Beaumont Hospital, Troy

Nursing Support Staff Helping Hands Collaborator Award
Cathey McNamee, nursing assistant, Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, Pre-operative Holding Area, Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn

Nursing Support Staff Helping Hands Leader Award
Reginald Wray, scheduler, Nursing Administration, Beaumont, Trenton

Nurse Hero of the Year Award
Holly Jewett, RN, of Bruce Twp., clinical nurse, Emergency Center, Beaumont, Troy

Advanced Practice Nurse Excellence Award
Sarah Rauner, RN, NP of Troy, chief pediatric nurse practitioner, Beaumont Medical Group, Beaumont, Troy

Behind the Scenes Nurse Award
Joan Phillips, APRN of Clinton Twp., vice president and chief nursing officer, Ambulatory/Beaumont Medical Group, Beaumont Health

Nurse Empirical Outcomes Award
Kimberly Marik, RN of Farmington Hills, director of Quality Management and  Patient Safety, Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills

Nurse Exemplary Professional Practice Award
Carter Doyle, RN, of Canton, nurse professional development specialist, Nursing Education and Research, Beaumont Hospital, Taylor

Nurse New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements Award
Elise Potts, RN, of Chesterfield Twp., lactation consultant, Family Birth Center, Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe

Nurse Preceptor of the Year Award
Brian Cullen, RN, clinical nurse, Intensive Care Unit, Beaumont, Grosse Pointe

Nurse Rookie of the Year Award
Emily Bauer, RN of Grosse Pointe, clinical nurse, Family Birth Center, Beaumont, Grosse Pointe

Structural Empowerment Award
Rana Allawnha, RN, of Windsor, Ontario, Magnet program manager, Nursing Education and Research, Beaumont, Dearborn

Transformational Leadership Award
Brittany Shepard, RN of Warren, clinical nurse manager, 1 Northeast, Beaumont, Troy

Nursing Team Award
Emergency Center, Beaumont, Trenton lead by Bill Sweet, RN., of Flat Rock, director of nursing, Emergency Center

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