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New Activities to Motivate Your Indoor Winter Workouts
12/9/2015 4:34:00 PM
There is no off-season when it comes to your health.

New Activities to Motivate Your Indoor Winter Workouts

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New Activities to Motivate Your Indoor Winter Workouts


It’s important to stay focused on your fitness all year round. As we distance ourselves from the summer sun and approach the snowier days of winter, it’s time to move your workout routines indoors.

There is no off-season when it comes to your health. Individuals need a minimum of 90 minutes of exercise per week to maintain, or increase, their current health status, regardless of the season.

Try one of these indoor exercises to stay fit throughout the winter months:

Rock climbing

Indoor rock climbing is perfect if you like a challenge of strength and strategy. Try different paths up the indoor rock wall to modify the difficulty or try a low wall if you’re afraid of heights. If rock climbing is outside of your comfort zone, it’s nice to know rock climbing facilities have very reliable safety mechanisms to minimize any risk.

Indoor rock climbing is a great option because it allows people to try a new form of exercise and it’s fun! It includes learning new skills, like rope tying, and works on very important muscle groups - hand grip strength and important posture muscles of the upper back.

Ice skating

If you like the winter’s cold, you’ll enjoy bundling up for a day at the indoor ice rink. Ice skating requires balance and coordination, making it a great workout for your core and legs.


Swimming is a summer staple, but you can continue to get your backstroke fix throughout the winter by taking laps around an indoor pool. Since swimming is low impact, it’s a valuable option if you need to go easy on your bones and joints.


If you’re looking for a calorie-burning workout, sign up for a kickboxing class. You’ll build endurance and strength during this all-body cardio session.

Jumping rope

This activity doesn’t require the fancy equipment at the gym. You can jump rope from your home to get your heart rate up and your blood flowing. Jumping rope can be done anywhere with very little equipment and takes up very little space.

There are lots of pre-scheduled plans that you can follow. Most of these plans start with jumping for 10 seconds at a time multiple times and will continue ramping up until one jumps rope near 5 minutes continuously.


Yoga can affect your physical and mental fitness. You’ll tone your muscles, increase your flexibility and learn breathing techniques to help you relax.


You don’t need an official dance studio for this cardio workout. Put on some music, grab your friends and set up an impromptu dance party in the middle of your living room.


Racquetball is an alternative to a traditional cardio workout on the treadmill. You’ll get a stellar workout as you sprint around the court and make shots to win the game. But don’t forget to warm up! Avoid injury with both a proper warm up and cool down routine.

Laser Tag

You’ll be having so much fun while playing laser tag, you won’t even realize you’re working out! Carrying the weight of the laser tag equipment makes for an excellent upper body exercise and running around the arena will get your heart rate up.

Indoor sports league

You don’t have to do your winter workouts alone. Gather your friends and join an indoor sports league together. You can play a sport you already love or sign up for one you’ve always wanted to try.

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