Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

RE/MAX Communication Preschool Program

Part of Beaumont Children's, the RE/MAX Communication Preschool Program is Michigan's first hospital-based preschool program for children with speech and language difficulties. It is designed to meet the needs of children ages three through five who have been diagnosed with speech or language impairments.

Classroom sessions are taught by a certified pediatric speech and language pathologist and a certified teacher with an early childhood education background and special education experience.

The program uses a language-based approach as we focus on cognitive skills, comprehension, verbal expression, fine and gross motor skills, and academic readiness. All instruction is tailored to each child's individual level of learning. In addition to targeting functional speech and language skills in the classroom setting, we offer the opportunity for each child to receive his or her individual treatment session during the preschool day.

Daily Activities

  • Center time - Center time is an opportunity for children to engage in thematic learning with open-ended materials that encourage language development, appropriate play skills and socialization with both adults and children.
  • Dramatic play - Each child will build an understanding of the world by pretending to cook, drive a bus, go camping and other make-believe activities related to weekly and monthly themes.
  • Sensory - Sensory-based activities allow children to expand fine motor skills and explore the world using the five senses.
  • Art - Art time helps each child develop fine motor skills, foster creativity, enhance cognitive skills and build self-esteem. Projects are related to weekly themes.
  • Math - Early math concepts including shape, size and balance are taught as children work cooperatively with others. Autonomy and initiative are encouraged.
  • Snack time - During snack time, each child will further improve language skills through making requests, answering questions and socializing with friends. Cleaning up after snack helps reinforce each child's independence.
  • Circle time - Pre-literacy activities, as well as calendar time, story time, and the topic of the day are presented during circle time. Children will be introduced to counting, number and letter recognition, one-to one correspondence, patterning, left to right visual tracking, turn-taking, active listening
    and comprehension.
  • Music - Music allows each child to sing and dance during the day, and of course, to have fun! It also encourages language, gross motor and brain development.

Class Availability

Monday through Friday..............9 - 11:45 a.m.
Tuesday and Thursday..................1 - 3:45 p.m.

Additional Information

  • Class size is limited to 10 children per day.
  • Children attend two half-day sessions weekly.
  • Graduate student interns and volunteers supplement our professional staff.

Preschool session scholarship funding is available for qualified families. This funding is provided through donations made by RE/MAX Associates to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.