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Language Activities For Kids

The purpose of group language activities for kids is to provide group pediatric speech therapy sessions that focus on carry-over of newly acquired language skills.

Once a child has learned new skills in individual treatment sessions, we provide group treatment so the child can practice using new communication skills in a natural setting with his or her peers. Direct parent education and observation of group treatment sessions allows parents an opportunity to learn how to provide stimulation techniques within the home environment.

Pediatric Speech Conditions Treated

  • speech and language delay/disorder
  • developmental apraxia/dyspraxia of speech
  • phonological process disorders
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • pragmatic disorders
  • cleft palate
  • stuttering
  • down syndrome
  • orofacial myology
  • cochlear implant
  • traumatic brain injury
  • neurological disorders resulting in speech, language and swallowing/feeding impairments

Pediatric Speech Therapy Groups

Lil' Sprouts Parent Education Program

Lil' Sprouts is a speech therapy program that includes parents along with their toddlers. Speech and Language activities encourage age-appropriate language skills with their toddlers.

Toddler Language Stimulation Program

An early-intervention speech therapy program, specifically designed for language-delayed toddlers. Play-based language activities focus on establishing imitative skills, building auditory comprehension and expressive language vocabulary during individual and small-group treatment sessions.