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Volume Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT)

Volume modulated arc therapy, also known as VMAT, is an image-guided radiation therapy that greatly d reduces the treatment time for patients.

What is volume modulated arc therapy?

With volume modulated arc therapy, doses of radiation are delivered to the patient in an uninterrupted arc around the patient, greatly reducing the time of treatment.

And by using 3D imaging, volume modulated arc therapy allows physicians to visualize the tumor at the time of treatment and guide the radiation beams to maximize radiation dose while minimizing exposure to healthy tissue and organs.

What can I expect with volume modulated arc therapy?

Because of the approach, treatment with volume modulated arc therapy will be shorter in duration than traditional radiation therapy. Similar to other approaches, you'll undergo a simulation to ensure the most effective treatment plan. You may also experience side effects similar to other radiation therapies .

What are the benefits of volume modulated arc therapy?

VMAT allows the radiation oncologist to use the most effective radiation dose for a particular tumor, increasing the effectiveness of treatment.